In our conversations with other parents, we always come back to the same refrain: Cambridge-Ellis is a special place. The kindness and gentleness of the teachers, the depth and creativity of the curriculum, the exuberance of the children’s art displayed everywhere, the sunlight that fills and warms the building – these are just some of the things that make Cambridge-Ellis a very special place. We couldn’t have asked for a better first school experience for our child.

Most importantly, our child loves school, which provides a nice foundation for his many years of school ahead. On top of that, he is really learning the basics of science, math, and reading while having fun.

We enrolled our daughter in the CES French immersion afterschool as a two-year-old despite not speaking any French at home. When she aged out of the classroom after four years, she entered an after school program catering to children from native French speaking families. Her new teachers were flabbergasted to learn that neither of her parents speak French! The ten hours a week spent with CES’s wonderful teachers brought her to a level of proficiency on par with children who speak French at home every day with their parents. To keep up, her mom has even begun taking French lessons at night!

This is a wonderful school that is inclusive, nurturing, and has fostered a love of school and learning in my child.

This place is rich, nurturing, gentle, loving, kind, imaginative, exciting. If only every child could enter such a magical world at the start of school life.

Spending a few minutes at drop off everyday gives me energy for the rest of the day and a feeling of well-being that a whole day in a spa wouldn’t achieve. Every second, every inch is thoughtfully used to the advantage of our children, an opportunity for play and for learning. It’s a great school.

Our son was five when we brought him for a Mandarin Chinese language assessment as part of the Cambridge Public Schools’ Kindergarten Lottery registration. By then, he’d spent 2 1/2 years in the CES Mandarin class and 2 summers in CES Mandarin summer program. Since neither of us speak any Chinese, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were delighted when the examiner pointed to the ‘fluency’ range on the evaluation form. This result probably made the difference in the lottery and we have happily accepted our son’s placement in one of the coveted spots in Cambridge’s Chinese Immersion program. CES is simply a magical place for children and families, and the outstanding language instruction here plays a vibrant role in that enchantment.

An absolutely wonderful school. My kids love it and so do we. Stimulating, loving, safe, sensitive, diverse.

Cambridge-Ellis has been an incredibly big, important part of our lives for the past 5 years. The school offers a unique combination elements that drive powerful learning and life experiences. With an incredibly talented, imaginative and warm set of teachers delivering insight through a play based curriculum, our kids have learned by actively connecting to the world. As part of the CES community, we’ve met many so many families with loving, generous value sets and we’ve been lucky to grow our circle of friends from this great community.

At 45, after getting 3 graduate degrees, I finally discovered that CES is the best experience I have had in school. CES instantly feels friendly and familiar, like the little row of rainboots waiting in the hall.

CES is not only a place dedicated to the well being of each child, but it has an enduring sense of community. Our two children have thoroughly enjoyed the preschool and French immersion programs, as well as the summer camp. As our daughter Helen finished the purple room, we did not know who was going to miss CES more—our daughter or us—but we were sure that she was well prepared for her next school. Thankfully for us, our son Dylan started the following year in the Orange Room.

Thank you to the school and teachers for the two years of French instruction mixed with creativity and nurturing for the kids. It clearly paid off and our daughter has had the unique experience of exposure to a different culture and language which has expanded her world. During a recent trip to Paris I was astounded by how much more French she knew than we realized. Getting into a milieu where it was everywhere really brought it out and she was happy to use it wherever we went. It was so great and her accent is so spot on!

Cambridge-Ellis has surpassed our wildest expectations. Our son has blossomed, thanks to the loving and nurturing teachers, creative classroom activities, and overall warm and energetic environment. As parents, we couldn’t feel more supported and heard. Sending our son to CES is, hands-down, the best decision we have made so far as parents.